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Microsoft Will Release Windows Tablet Around Christmas

Microsoft claims to bring the iPad some competition this winter. Microsoft’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer, recently announced that Microsoft will release a Windows-based tablet in the fourth quarter of this year- just in time for Christmas.

The iPad has taken the technology market by storm recently, as 3 million iPads were sold 80 days after its initial release. This is the fastest growing market- one that no one thought would succeed. Now that the iPad has shown the strong and growing demand for tablet devices, other companies are starting to follow suit.

The iPad needs some stronger competition, and Microsoft hopes to fill that void. Microsoft’s stock has recently decreased as customers are becoming impatient and let down by the technology company. Ballmer spoke positively about Microsoft’s recent performance, ignoring the supposed failures of the company. In response to a question about how Microsoft was doing, Ballmer said, “Pretty darn good. Could be better, always could be better.”

Ballmer explains that Microsoft is trying to make its tablet ideal for consumers and business users. It will be “both a productivity device and a consumption device,” according to Ballmer. This tablet will be a big release- and necessary release- for Microsoft. Microsoft also plans to launch a new set of smartphone devices, with Google’s Android operating system.

Keep your eye out during the holiday season for the Microsoft Windows tablet’s release.

[Photo courtesy of concept-phones.]