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NetSuite SuiteWorld: Learn What the Cloud Means for Your Business

This past Sunday, May 8th was the first official day of NetSuite’s first annual customer conference held in San Francisco. The first days of SuiteWorld, May 8th and 9th, hold pre-conference training and opening keynotes start on Tuesday May 10th. We’ll give you real-time access to SuiteWorld through our live blogs and tweets. Follow us on Twitter @Business_Ware for the latest news and updates directly from SuiteWorld!

With more and more buzz building around the Cloud and cloud-computing technology, NetSuite SuiteWorld is a particularly relevant event. Even if you’re not a NetSuite customer or don’t plan to be one in the near-future, the information gleaned from SuiteWorld can help you better understand the Cloud and the possibilities it could bring to your business.

Many more companies are becoming interested in the Cloud for their business software needs because of its low upfront cost, low maintenance fees, and flexibility. Even big name vendors such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics are jumping onto the Cloud bandwagon. And with companies starting to emerge from the economic recession ready to reinvest in business software, now is the time to seriously consider the Cloud.

NetSuite SuiteWorld will feature several prominent thought leaders as speakers, as well as over 75 breakout sessions, networking opportunities and an expo floor. NetSuite SuiteWorld will be a great opportunity to learn about the Cloud, network with other professionals in your field, and explore the possibilities the Cloud has to offer your business.

If you can’t make it to NetSuite SuiteWorld, fret not! You can register to watch live webcasts of SuiteWorld user conference keynotes here. We will also provide live blogs and tweets that will give you real-time news and updates directly from SuiteWorld as if you were there. Remember to follow us on Twitter @Business_Ware to get the latest SuiteWorld news and feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us.

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