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Going Deep:'s New ERP 101 Whitepaper

Going Deep:’s New ERP 101 Whitepaper

ERP continues to be one of the most widely sold and implemented types of business software in the world, constituting a market size in the tens of billions. It’s also one of the most bloated and confused carrying a three-letter acronym (in case you didn’t know, that’s saying a lot).

Despite having been around since the 1980s, a lot of people can’t even agree on a single definition of what ERP actually is. The only commonly agreed upon facts are that it’s really complicated, it’s (usually) very expensive and hard to get up and running. Not the best reputation to have for a type of software that’s become an essential for so many types of organizations.

It’s for that reason we researched and wrote the exclusive: ERP 101: A Guide to Getting Started with Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

ERP 101: Take a Look Inside

What we set out to do is create an ERP resource that we ourselves couldn’t find anywhere: a brief accessible guide on the absolute basics, ERP 101. Intended for someone who’s just starting out on their path to finding out more about the segment.

Some of the key ERP elements we cover in this whitepaper:

  • Anatomy of an ERP System: Just what are all the constituent parts that constitute a “proper” ERP solution? We catalog the absolute essentials.
  • On-Premise vs. In the Cloud: Plenty of people know the differences between cloud software and on-premise software at this point, but far fewer know much about the pluses and minuses of each. We outline the primary differences and how they suit different types of organizations.
  • How to Make Sure Your ERP Implementation is Successful: Though it’s highly dependent on the system and the individual organization using it, the majority of ERP implementations fail. There’s no one surefire way to guarantee success, but we provide a few best practices along with a case study on how not to go about your implementation.

Explore the Whitepaper (and More)

erp 101The well of ERP research and analysis one can delve into is virtually bottomless, but introductory piece will fill the gap for anyone who’s not sure where to even start. Click the icon to the left to get instant access to the full whitepaper right now.

If you’re looking for data on specific ERP solutions, or just want some additional steps on where to go next after getting the basic introduction, be sure to check out our exclusive Top 20 ERP Softwarereport as well as our ERP resource page, a comprehensive collection our overage of the ERP segment.

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