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New Products and Features Announced at NetSuite SuiteWorld

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson opened his keynote speech with figures exemplifying the growth of his company and of the Cloud. Telling the audience in the packed auditorium, Nelson boasted of the capabilities of the SuiteCloud, calling it more customizable than traditional systems and announcing that within the next two years, NetSuite developers will develop exclusively on the SuiteCloud.

Telling the audience, “No one wants accounting in the Cloud; they want their business in the Cloud,” Nelson spoke of the Cloud being a game changer, as well as NetSuite’s ability to help companies manage their businesses more efficiently. NetSuite’s SuiteCloud is more customizable than traditional systems and the Cloud delivers the power of large systems to small companies and agility to large companies.

During his keynote speech, Nelson announced the launch of NetSuite Unlimited: unlimited products, modules, users, subsidiaries, SuiteApps, and storage. Nelson said NetSuite Unlimited would cost above $1 million, which though expensive for small businesses, is still cheaper compared to SAP and a great alternative for larger companies.

Another big announcement from Nelson was the launch of SuiteSocial. Like and their Chatter product, NetSuite is throwing their hat into the social media arena, partnering with Yammer to provide enterprise social networking. SuiteSocial will make deep, mission-critical business data social, creating a private secure social network for employees, making records more collaborative and social.

SuiteSocial is built with an interface that is similar to that of Facebook and also has Twitter capabilities, such as the ability to follow. SuiteSocial will provide real-time engagement and is free to download and use. Nelson announced that SuiteSocial will be available in the third quarter.

Nelson spoke of the Cloud as a disruptive technology by providing a faster, cheaper, and better model. The Cloud gives you the benefits of innovative technology without cumbersome IT and according to Nelson, NetSuite has positioned itself as the leader in Cloud business software.

What do you think of NetSuite Unlimited and SuiteSocial? Do you think NetSuite is the leader in Cloud ERP? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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