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Productivity on the Go: Using Evernote for Business

Productivity on the Go: Using Evernote for Business

Evernote announced last month that they’ll be rolling out Evernote for business, a professional version of their popular note-taking and productivity service that’s aimed towards small and medium-sized businesses. It’s definitely a big step for the company whose app is not only one of the most popular free productivity apps out there, but has also spawned dozens upon dozens of ancillary apps and services that integrate with it to add additional functionality.

It’s these other integrations that take the appeal of Evernote beyond a note-taking app to a productivity tool that allows you to gather and organize all the disparate notes and clippings of your work and personal life into a more manageable and useful package. To discover those add-ons, the Evernote Trunk features the various online software and tools that have been created either specifically for Evernote, or as helpful additions to the service.

For example, you can sign up for Shoeboxed and send all of your paper documents to them, which they will then scan and upload to your Evernote account, dynamically tagging and organizing it for you so that you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself. Another useful integration comes from Expensify, which will create an Expensify-specific notebook in your Evernote account, to which you can then add receipts and expenses that will be synced with your Expensify account for easy reporting later.

Additionally, Evernote’s annual Devcup encourages developers and designers to create new applications and services on the Evernote platform, thus expanding the service’s features and functionality even more. Chances are if the standalone application doesn’t quite fit all of your needs, then there’s another app or add-on service that will integrate with Evernote to deliver the capabilities that you need; such as Kustom Note (the silver cup Devcup winner this year), which allows you to create customized templates and forms that you can then use in Evernote.

As for the upcoming Evernote Business, it will not only include all the features that you get with a premium Evernote account (i.e. additional storage and upload space and offline functionality), but it will also expand the collaboration capabilities of the service so that it can be used by teams of people and managed by a central administrator. In addition to user management, Evernote for Business will feature easy on-boarding of employees, dedicated customer success management, company-wide directory that allows you to publish information to everyone at once, smart data ownership, and airtight security and privacy that ensures that your company’s information stays private and secure.

It’ll be interesting to see what new business integrations are in the pipeline once Evernote for Business becomes widely available. No doubt there are many online services and applications that would love to be able to take advantage of the popularity and usability of Evernote in order to tap into that SMB market, and Evernote has already gotten that ball rolling with their current offerings. Additionally, at only $10/month/user, Evernote for Business doesn’t break the bank, but still delivers a ton of useful tools for collaborating and managing tasks and projects in a team.

Interested in learning more about Evernote for business? You can sign up for the beta testing now, or wait until December when the product is launched officially.

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Productivity on the Go: Using Evernote for Business
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