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Agile iPhone app from Rally Software

Rally Software, an award-winning producer of Agile management tools, recently announced that they bought an iPhone app which allows users to manage Agile development projects remotely. The app formerly known as ScrumAway, developed by Blue Hole Software, was initially priced at $15 and is now available to users for free.

The app is a boon for users, as it lets them check the status of their projects and provides them with tools to edit or create new work items. It also allows them to re-rank stories or defects within iterations and backlogs. This helps companies save time and helps users who are always on the go, check the condition of their project and make changes to them as and when necessary. What’s more, the iPhone app can be integrated with Rally’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software. This integration lets users, update, and track and manages their product releases efficiently and effectively.

The app requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and supports iOS4. It is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It has a simple and intuitive user interface and has a navigation bar which allows users to search for projects, scan other projects and access assigned tasks with a single tap. The app also provides users with a bird’s eye view of the project status with the help of progress bars. These bars show the amount of work completed and the amount of work left.

Talking about the innovative app and the acquisition, Ryan Martens, Founder and CTO of Rally Software, said, “Rally is expanding our business through strategic acquisitions to ensure we’re offering the best ALM products to help companies achieve superior ROI, reduce risk, and increase productivity. We’ve acquired AgileZen and Rally for the iPhone this year, which has strengthened our position in the emerging Kanban market and demonstrated our first step in our larger strategy of providing mobile access to Rally’s premier ALM platform.”

From adding tasks to the backlog on-the-fly to tracking the status of projects, Rally for iPhone provides mobile visibility to users and lets them access data anytime, anywhere.

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