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Zoho Wiki 2.0 - Updated and Released

Yesterday, Zoho announced its release of Zoho Wiki 2.0, an online portal for business collaboration and file sharing.

Zoho Wiki 2.0 allows for efficient collaboration within a company as well as with third parties, such as clients or business partners.

Says Hyther Nizam, director of product management at Zoho: “Zoho Wiki 2.0 represents an evolution from individual to business-focused wikis. To succeed, companies need to communicate freely and easily. They also need to communicate securely. Now, organizations can use ZOho Wiki 2.0 as an intranet or online knowledge base as well as a tool for intra- and inter-team collaboration. The Zoho Wiki 2.0 feature set gives users a lot of flexibility while maintaining enterprise-level security.”

Zoho Wiki will be able to fully integrate into Zoho Business.

Top Zoho Wiki features, as listed by Zoho, include:

Workspaces: Operate with multiple, independent portals to differentiate between groups. Organizations can create different workspaces for every team and project. Each workspace has full customization and administration controls.

Widgets: Personalize your own dashboard with Zoho applications and content from other website sources.

User Management: Easily configure the permissions allowed for each user in the workspace. Control who can view, edit, create, delete, add comments, and hide pages.

Branding Control: Design the wiki as you would like it. Customize the color scheme, branding placement, and styling of each Zoho Wiki webpage.
Notifications: Keep a tab on all the changes or comments made to your wiki, either through live feeds or scheduled email summaries.

Zoho Wiki is currently available for purchase at the Zoho website. It is free for up to a single wiki with three workspaces and three users. Each additional user license costs $8 per month. Each additional wiki costs $5 a month.

Zoho Corporation produces online business applications for SMBs and individual consumers. The company has a total of 22 different office and productivity applications. Zoho currently has over two million product users. Zoho has received numerous awards, including a 2009 Webware 100 Award and an InfoWorld 2009 Technology of the Year Award.

[Photo courtesy of shawnkostiuk.]