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RIM Will Announce Big News Next Week

On Wednesday, Jim Balsillie, the co-CEO of Research in Motion (RIM) said that RIM will release some major technology next week at RIM’s developer conference. The large telecommunications company and BlackBerry producer said that the technology that will be released will show “more aspects of [RIM’s] design philosophy.”

Balsillie said, “I think you’re going to see some very interesting strategic extensions at Dev Con and signaling where we’re going…this will all become very, very apparent by kind of the end of September.”

RIM and BlackBerry have some very exciting releases over the next couple of months. BlackBerry Desktop Software will be available for Mac computers in a few months, according to Balsillie. Balsillie also said that the BlackBerry 6 operating system will be available for the Bold 9700, Curve 3G and Pearl 3G mobile devices sometime soon.

RIM has been very successful lately, as shown by its second quarter profits that were announced earlier this week. RIM’s revenue increased by 31 percent compared to the same quarter in 2009. Earnings gre 76 percent. This is likely because of BlackBerry’s latest mobile phone and OS releases. Balsillie said, “With the launch of the [BlackBerry] Torch in late August, we saw a meaningful increase in run rates in the United States which has continued into the early part of Q3.”

BlackBerry was not expected to do as well this year because of Apple and Android’s latest popular releases. BlackBerry and RIM exceeded expectations. “Torch contributed to the best month ever for BlackBerry smartphones with Best Buy in August. In fact, based on sell-through in the first three weeks after launching AT&T, Torch is the most successful GSM BlackBerry smartphone launch in RIM’s history,” Balsillie said.

Overall, RIM has been very successful over the past couple of months and this success is expected to continue with RIM’s news that will be announced next week.

[Photo courtesy of medianama.]