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Sage ERP MAS 200 Selected by Unison Solutions to Optimize Operations and Increase Profits

Unison Solutions, an innovative manufacturing company in the field of biogas conditioning and distributed generation, has chosen Sage ERP MAS 200 to power their operations and enhance their business growth. The comprehensive functionality of Sage ERP MAS 200, along with its integration with JobOps and SageCRM, were the definitive factors in Unison Solutions’ decision to choose Sage ERP MAS 200 as their business management solution.

Since its founding in 2000, Unison Solutions has become a leader in delivering infrastructure for landfills, municipalities, and food processors to turn biogas, a byproduct of their businesses, into biogas-based fuel that is used to power compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. With projections of growth in the renewable energy industry, as well as continued oil price increases, Unison Solutions is well-positioned to grow in this sector. As such, they have turned to Sage ERP MAS 200 because of the solution’s strong functionality that will enable the company’s profitability and growth.

The core features of Sage ERP MAS 200 and SageCRM, along with the integrated JobOps solution, which includes applications for estimating, job quoting, and tracking, have helped Unison Solutions efficiently and effectively run their operations and manufacture their products. Because Unison serves highly specialized customers, a robust enterprise resource planning tool like Sage ERP MAS 200 has been integral to the success of their business. For example, Sage ERP MAS 200 delivers easy access to real-time information about commodities pricing, which is a crucial factor in Unison Solutions’ operations. This functionality, along with other comprehensive features of Sage ERP MAS 200, has enabled Unison Solutions to maximize profits and to better meet market and customer demands.

Sage ERP has a long history of offering end-to-end, cost-effective solutions that are easy to use with features that answer the needs of midsized businesses across nearly every industry. The Sage ERP solution portfolio is one of the largest of integrated, scalable ERP software and includes Sage ERP Accpac, Sage ERP MAS, and Sage ERP X3. Sage ERP solutions can be easily customizable, ensuring that the software meets each unique business requirement. Sage also provides the tools businesses need to properly choose, plan, and implement their ideal solution set. With over 3 million customers in North America, Sage and its more than 5000 channel partners, are dedicated to helping their clients answer their business needs and achieve business success.

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