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Salesforce ChatterExchange's Top Seller - SalesView

Already things are getting competitive over on the ChatterExchange, the AppExchange division for the newly released Salesforce Chatter. InsideView’s application, SalesView, is currently the most popular, as well as the highest rated, download available from the ChatterExchange. Chatter was released to the public earlier this week with about 60 additional apps available online.

SalesView is an add-on to Chatter that gives live sales intelligence on leads and prospective clients. It aggregates pertinent business news alerts and other sales information from social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) as well as traditional news sources. All information is provided from within the Chatter network.

With Salesforce Chatter’s public release, we will now see whether the application can live up to its beta testing hype. ChatterExchange is a major component of Salesforce’s networking solution; this open-ended market of web tools makes customization easier. Salesforce doesn’t have to overload each user with tons of applications upon sign-up, and future needs can be met by the innovations of other software producers.

SalesView is an award-winning application that has been available since March 2008. Along with Salesforce Chatter, SalesView can also integrate with CRM products from providers such as Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Netsuite, SugarCRM, and Landslide Technologies.

InsideView is a Sales 2.0 software provider that utilizes sales intelligence from social media and traditional new sources alike. The company has been based in San Francisco, California, since 2005, and serves 270,000 customers globally.

SalesView, as it appears in Oracle's CRM platform

[Photo courtesy of linkedin.]