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CRM Increases Social Media Tools released software helping customers create and monitor their online business marketing campaigns, furthering the transaction between social media tools and software.

Salesforce, the largest global online customer-management software company, released the Social Marketing Cloud, employing Radian6 social media technology. This merger allows Salesforce to compete in the social market with other social media hubs.

In their social marketing cloud, customers send targeted marketing offers to users using media conversations, like on Twitter or Facebook. Customers are increasingly turning to social media for the use of venting product problems, or addressing any company issues. For example, a marketing employee may actively engage with prospective customers because of comments left on their social media sites. In addition, companies may even take a “behind the scenes” approach by monitoring all customer feedback and implement changes.

Salesforce Acquires Radian6 Social Media Platform

Radian6, as their social media platform, engages the Salesforce’s CRM cloud in a few different ways. It allows easy access for businesses to actively participate with customers via an online marketing and sales campaigns. This can be used to launch new products, maintain an existing brand, and any other marketing techniques. Having the right social media platform helps manage, prepare, and respond to misinformation and negative press. In addition, it can be used as an analytical report generator to locate where traffic content is being driven. This can generate potential sales leads. In addition, by introducing social media tools, employees can collaborate on projects online together.

Social Media Acquisitions

Salesforce has been acquiring companies over the past year in an effort to expand their social-media efforts. Marc Benioff, Salesforce chairman and chief executive officer, has taken decisive steps towards expanding software for sales and customer service. They bought Radian6 for $326 million this past May, and recently stated they plan to purchase Model Metrics, a social-media consulting company in Chicago, on November 14. Acquiring social media consultants will help explain how to implement the next phases for social media technology and Salesforce.

The company continues to provide marketing software-as-a-service cloud technology through its annual licenses. Radian6 software has monthly fees, as opposed to annual fees.

[Photo courtesy of CBR Computer Business Review.]