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Service After the Sale with Fleet Tracking Software

Service After the Sale with Fleet Tracking Software

A big differentiator in the fleet tracking space is service after the sale. Some companies provide virtually no service once they get your signature, some have limited service, and some have the full package and pride themselves on service. Beware of companies that may fall under one of the first two. When it comes to fleet tracking technology, customers always need high quality service from their provider. Here are examples of what to look for:

On-Going Training

Not only do you want to make sure your team is trained on the product once you purchase a fleet tracking software, but you want to ensure that they will provide free, on-going training as you add on new employees or as new features come out in the product.

Some people are tech-savvy and can figure out how to use the software and any new features on their own, but most are not, and the extra training is crucial to making sure employees are using the fleet tracking software correctly.

Account Management

Although it is primarily the customer’s responsibility to make sure they are getting the most out of the fleet tracking software to attain the maximum ROI, having some help from experts doesn’t hurt. Very few fleet tracking companies provide free account management that is designed to help with quick questions on your account, but also dig into your account and find areas that need improvement. Account managers will send you tips and observations made to help you achieve what some would say is extreme ROI. Why wouldn’t you want someone looking out for you and your fleet at no additional cost?

Fleet Tracking Software Technical Support

Be sure to look into the quality of the technical support staff at the fleet tracking company you choose. Some may have long hold times and have unqualified, unfriendly, or downright unhelpful support reps.

Investigate this before purchasing from them, because when you need technical support on a device that isn’t reporting or on an issue you may be having with the software, you want quality service and immediate help. Like most people, you will be dissatisfied  if you don’t.

Service after the sale is extremely important no matter how large or small your fleet is. Do your due diligence and make sure the fleet tracking company you select will provide exceptional service to you and your team after the sale. Contact us today to learn about GPS Insight’s service after the sale.

For more detailed information on specific fleet tracking solutions be sure to check out the Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Software report.

[This post originally appeared on the GPS Insight blog and is republished with permission.]

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