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Soho OS receives funding and opens up Management Suite to small businesses

If you haven’t heard of Soho OS yet, don’t be surprised. They are a small start-up based out of Tel Aviv, Israel offering business management solutions to small and micro business owners. They started off, by offering 1000 beta invites to people, for which they received 7000 responses. The company now, has closed the Beta invites and has opened up the service to everybody.

Soho recently announced that they received $1 million in funding from The Time. The funding they received has been used to get a new UX interface and a new logo. They also updated their communications features such as video chat, SMS, VOIP, voice messaging, enhanced conference calling and broadcast mails.

TechCrunch describes Soho as a SaaS hybrid of Quicken + Zoho + Salesforce. This description describes succinctly what Soho does and stands for. They offer a complete package of business management services from CRM, invoicing to VOIP. Their free service benefits small businesses greatly in managing their business processes.

Small businesses, as a market for business management solutions, have been ignored for a long time. Soho understood their needs and leveraged the market by developing solutions for them. Even though, Soho has been around for less than a year, they are widely popular among their users due to their constant innovation and affordable service. They developed a new bloggers widget providing free SMS service for their readers. This integration greatly helps bloggers respond to their readers in real-time. They also partnered with Donanza – an online marketplace for freelancers looking for projects. The partnership will allow Soho OS users to secure business directly from the Soho interface.

Their constant innovation and the need to provide new services to companies, definitely makes Soho OS stand out from the crowd. It will only be a matter of years, before this start-up grow into a big business.

[Photo courtesy of pando.]