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Taking the iPad to Work, the cloud content management vendor, aka Microsoft’s arch nemesis, has a video update on their iPad deployment project at D7 Consulting. Box recently gave the company 20 free iPads with content management technology to help D7 setup an efficient workflow around the magical Apple product.The end goal for Box is to optimize D7’s efficiency through collaboration with the help of Box and Apple technology.

Box is also hoping to gain valuable feedback for their future software by leveraging what is learned by the D7 and iPad experiment. Box is also looking into a few exciting new features like methods for online access to optimize collaboration and accessibility. The cloud content management vedor is also looking into more ways to share content and “rich content” to extend the usefulness of their CMS.

President of D7, Joseph Daniels, claims to have learned five lessons from the iPad implementation project thus far. Good news is, the iPad is in fact, viable in the workplace. D7 iPad users concurred that the iPad can handle a surprising amount of abuse, without breaking down. The only caveat so far has been overheating after the iPad had been in the sun for a while. D7 also mentioned a lack of enterprise support from Apple, claiming it’s still more of a consumer device versus a business tool. Although, the iPad is slowly beginning to embrace the enterprise so we can look forward to a few changes.

All things considered, collaboration is paying off for all the parties involved in the D7 and iPad challenge Watch the video for more information on taking the iPad to work.

[Photo courtesy of Macworld.]