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Technology's Influence on the Hiring Process

Technology’s Influence on the Hiring Process

Technology has made a gigantic impact on HR industry in the last decade. It’s a well-known fact that HR teams use technologies in many ways to find an appropriate candidate. Recent analysis even proved that organizations which use state-of-the-art recruiting platforms spend over 20% less on HR management per employee.

In such circumstances, it seems obligatory to embrace new technologies in the HR business. However, it’s even more important to understand how it works in the first place. There are many ways computer technologies influence hiring processes, so we’ll analyze the 6 most important features.

Recruiting is often an overwhelming process, especially in large organizations. It traditionally requires the full focus of HR managers, but new IT solutions make it simpler and more efficient. Here’s how exactly.

ATS turns to CRM

One of the basic recruiting tools is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), also known as Talent Management Software. It enables HR managers to choose the best applicants, automating large portions of the process. ATS gathers information about the skills of young talents such as academic background, volunteering experiences, potential work experiences and/or internships, etc. However, there is a substantial problem with this solution – data becomes obsolete quickly.

To bypass this issue, many industries are turning to Candidate Relationship Management (CRM). It’s the system that generates a brand-new recruiting segment, with the purpose to implement narrowly-focused campaigns and attract passive candidates. The CRM model will also aim at rediscovering young talents who already had some communication with the potential employer.

Mobile apps

There are more than 4.7 billion mobile phone users worldwide. People spend a lot of time each day using smart phones, so some companies develop recruiting apps to reach potential applicants more successfully. This way, organizations can attract several talents who follow the latest business trends.

Of course, mobile apps must be user-friendly and designed professionally, since potential employees will also judge company credibility simply by looking at app interface. A well-designed app can add value to the brand, thus making the company even more attractive to the biggest talents on the market. If you still don’t want to invest in the recruiting app, you need to optimize the company web page to fit the mobile experience.

Digital interviewing

International corporations are facing many difficulties in HR management. They are trying to find the best talents in different countries, since it is important to nurture the same corporate culture globally. On the other hand, even the smallest companies and startups take part in international businesses and search for reliable employees in many countries. This problem is both time-consuming and expensive.

As Peter Asterson, an HR specialist from Aussie Writings states: “New technologies will allow long-distance interviewing and make the hiring process less demanding. There are already digital tools such as Skype or Viber but it’s not enough to support the demands of HR managers. Most of the companies will be looking for a video integration within their ATS systems, while the emerging virtual reality gadgets will soon enable recruiters to conduct interviews and even test candidates in real time.”

Hashtag campaigns

Social media is so influential these days that companies cannot maintain their brand image without the commitment to these channels of communication. However, it also gives them a great opportunity to captivate young professionals. You can design a hashtag campaign and invite employees to share personal stories about their experiences within the company.

They can write about funny situations, what makes them feel passionate about their work, or why they enjoy being part of their organization. That way, current workers will generate amusing social media content and sending a powerful message to potential applicants. Young people really appreciate if employers offer a casual atmosphere at work. It can often be a decisive factor when choosing between two or more companies, which makes hashtag campaigns an interesting tool to hire people more efficiently.

Job description

Modern technologies can make it easier on you while you are creating a precise and straightforward job description. You can easily find a lot of useful articles on how to create the perfect job description – all you need to do is Google it.

For HR professionals who must design dozens of job descriptions each month, it can be frustrating to come up with accurate specifications all the time. That’s why expert suggestions on this issue can be genuine lifesavers occasionally. It sets you free from finding new solutions and patterns. All you need to do is to follow a professionally-developed strategy and you’ll create the best job description.

Increase candidate engagement

We mentioned earlier that social media can play an essential role in the modern world, meaning that companies need to seize this chance to attract young employees. For instance, Facebook gathers almost 2 billion users globally, which makes it an outstanding promotional channel. This way, candidates can easily track notifications provided by the company and stay informed about its activities.

However, it’s not only about reaching potential employees – it’s also about making them engaged and establishing firm relationships. This is the only way to outdo competitors and hire a promising candidate. In that regard, technology can assist you by means of contemporary, and more advanced, matching algorithms. At the same time, HR managers will have more time to deal with relationship building and successful sourcing. Only this type of synergy between new technologies and human interactions can improve the hiring process and increase candidate engagement.


The development of information technologies has brought drastic changes in our everyday lives. From the way we communicate, over business and economy, all the way to how we spend our leisure time – technology made a tremendous influence. HR management has also experienced this new trend. Today, it’s not only a group of people who assess applicants’ resumes anymore. They use modern tools to make the process faster, more productive and precise.

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