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The Citrix Receiver- Business On the Go!

How would you like to be able to access your office from anywhere? The Citrix Receiver for iPad makes this possible. Do you want to know the best part? It’s free! The Citrix Receiver for iPad app allows users to access all of their corporate desktops and applications from anywhere, with their iPad. Citrix released this innovative application this past April.

With a 3G or WiFi network, users can access all of their important files or applications directly on their iPad. This business tool is on-the-go, and ideal for employees who travel or are frequently at meetings or away from their desks.

The capabilities of this application are extensive. Users can create documents, view their business dashboard, or approve expenses. Users can view or create interactive charts because the iPad supports high-resolution graphics. You can send emails, write documents, or access important files. Almost anything that one could do in a corporate setting, they could do with the Citrix Receiver for iPad. Communication channels are completely secure, so important files and sensitive information are not at risk. With another Citrix app for iPad, Citrix GoToMeeting, users can attend or host meetings online. You will never miss a meeting again because this application is portable and easy-to-use.

The Citrix Receiver for iPad is Compatible with Windows

The Citrix Receiver application is easy to navigate with its simplistic user-interface. It is even compatible with Windows applications and virtual desktops, in addition to all Mac applications. The Citrix Receiver is easy to install and only requires a one-time setup.

The Citrix Receiver is the ultimate application for mobile business. If you do not have an iPad, the Citrix Receiver is compatible with the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Find out more about the Citrix Receiver on Citrix’s website or the iTunes App Store.

[Photo courtesy of mobilebusinessinsights.]