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Tibco's awesome Business Intelligence Tool

Tibco recently announced the release of a new business intelligence tool called TibcoSilver Spot. This Windows-based tool is designed for small businesses and is intended to offer the latest in business intelligence technology.

Available in cloud-based format, Tibco’s aim is to reach to out all it customers with the latest and greatest BI technology. Tibco’s latest release, the Silver Spotfire enables users to create, publish and share business analytics and business intelligence reports with everyone easily on the cloud without the hassle of setting up hardware.

Also, data from other applications including but not limited to –Microsoft Excel, Oracle databases and other data sources can be integrated with the Tibco Silver Spotfire tool.  The tool also allows users to manage visualize and analyze data, proving them with the trends and insights needed to gain a competitive edge.

Talking about the innovative product, industry analyst, Merv Adrian, said, “Spotfire has had a “visionary” reputation for some time now (Gartner has recognized it as such in Magic Quadrant research), and Tibco has steadily grown its market share, though like other portfolio software vendors, it is unwilling to break individual product numbers out for a clear comparison. Its strong visualization, powerful statistical engine, and in-memory performance focus (with load balancing in the server in its latest release) have extended its reputation. Spotfire also leverages Tibco’s long experience with event processing to provide context-aware features that have driven continued expansion. Silver Spotfire confirms its preference for the visionary play with an authoring client, and web-based sharing and hosting that will be available for a monthly fee after the trial.”

With the help of Tibco’s Silver Spot business intelligence tool, publishing data on the web has never been easier. It allows other users to interact with the data in a highly visual and immersive manner.

Every business is looking for a highly effective business intelligence tool to increase their overall operational performance. There are many companies is the market that provide BI tools – SAS, IBM, SAP, Oracle and more.

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[Photo courtesy of TIBC.]