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Top 10 Android Business Apps for SMBs

There are many business Android apps available, and here is a compiled list of the top 10 apps for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Look for ways to save money while increasing productivity and efficiency within your company with these Android applications.

1. Skype (FREE)

Skype is a free service that enables users to video chat or web conference. Users can even make international Skype to Skype video calls for free. Skype users can even reach home and cellular phones for a very low cost. This app is great for business users who travel frequently and need to contact colleagues, friends, and family members. It is also valuable for video conferencing purposes if users need to conduct meetings remotely.

2. Documents to Go (Basic: FREE; Pro: $9.99)

The award-winning Documents to Go Android app enables users to edit, create, and view Word and Excel files. Users can also view PDF, Powerpoint, iWork, and other files. With Docs to Go, business users can view and edit files away from their desks, no matter where they are, as long as they have their Android device.

3. PageOnce Personal Assistant (Basic: FREE; Pro:$6.99)

Manage baking accounts, keep track of travel itineraries, track cell phone minutes, get reminders for when your bills are due, view eBay bids, read feeds from social networking sites, and more with the PageOnce Personal Assistant for Android. It works just like a personal assistant, helping you to manage your time and various business activities more efficiently.

4. Barcode Scanner (FREE)

Scan barcodes on books, CDs, or anything else to find prices, reviews, URLs, and more with the Barcode Scanner on your Android device. This is ideal for business owners with small retail stores who need to look up something in a fast and easy way.

5. Android Time Card (Basic: FREE; Pro: $0.99)

Track time spent on work with this Android application. Mark check-in and check-out times with one tap on your device. Users can also email the timesheet to themselves. There are several additional features, including earnings, mileage, languages and notes. Users can set multiple timers on the paid version of the Android Time Card.

6. Expensify (FREE)

The Expensify Android app lets users track personal and business expenses. After a meal or business purchase, users type in the amount and name of the purchase. All expenses are recorded. Users can even take a picture of the receipt with their Android device.

7. Intuit GoPayment (FREE)

Process any major credit card with this Android application, without any credit card machine or additional equipment. Text or email electronic receipts to the client right from your Android device! Businesses can get paid on the spot without having the hassle and cost of extra hardware.

8. Lookout (FREE)

Block viruses and malware with Lookout for Android. Don’t compromise sensitive business information and protect your phone with this increased security application. Lookout scans every app downloaded to ensure that it won’t negatively affect your Android device.

9. Scan 2 PDF ($5.99)

Use your Android’s camera to take pictures and “scan” documents. This app will automatically convert the pages into a PDF file. Forget expensive photocopiers or fax machines and get this application to easily send files to clients or employees. All files are saved to the application and can be emailed directly.

10. ASTRO File Manager (FREE)

Download, create, extract, and browse files with this Android application. It is the ultimate file manager. Users can even send files as attachments. There is no need for a computer because Astro File Manager lets you take all of your files on the go. You can also delete and organize files into folders with this Android app.

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