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Top 10 iPad Apps for SMBs

The iPad is rapidly securing its reputation as the ultimate business device. Its applications and on-the-go capabilities make it ideal for business users who travel and need to access their business files frequently. The iPad is particularly useful for small and medium businesses (SMBs) who do not need extremely complex software. Here are the top 10 best iPad applications for SMBs.

1. GoToMeeting (FREE)

Citrix’ GoToMeeting is an iPad app that allows users to attend online meetings. The iPad’s high quality camera software also enables video chat. Users can view presentations, reports, mock ups, and whatever the presenter decides to share. Attend online meetings while you are on the go – and for free!

2. Time Master + Billing ($9.99)

Track time and billing with this time management iPad app. Users can track how long they take to complete a work-related activity with the “punch in & out” feature. Users can also track the time cards of their colleagues, and even track expenses with this iPad app. Billing is another feature of the Time Master + Billing app.

3. Files² HD ($3.99)
Copy files from your computer onto your iPad with Files² HD. With this iPad app, users can view their files on the go. Microsoft Office documents, iWork docs, Safari Web Archives, PDF documents, web pages, Google Docs, Plain Text Documents, pictures, and even movies are compatible with Files² HD.

4. Pages ($9.99)
Apple’s Pages is a word processing tool that is now available as an iPad app. Writing on this word document application is easy with the iPad’s keyboard. Easily create documents with this on-the-go iPad app.

5. Keynote ($9.99)
This presentation app enables users to create interactive presentations on the iPad with Keynote. Add slides, tables, charts, photos, videos, and more to your Keynote presentation for a comprehensive and detailed presentation that will wow your employees.

6. Mariner Calc ($5.99)
This business iPad app lets users view, edit, or create Excel spreadsheet files. Keep track of your business’ finances with a mobile spreadsheet that includes 24 math functions, 18 finance functions, 13 statistics functions, and more.

7. PrintCentral ($9.99)
Now that you have created all of these files on your iPad, how are you going to print them? The PrintCentral app for iPad lets you print any document type directly to WiFi printers. This app is also a mini-office center, as users can store documents, email files, transfer documents and more.

8. Bento ($4.99)
Track projects, plan events, manage contacts, and more with the Bento app for iPad. This app is customizable and has 25 built-in templates to help you keep all your tasks and notes organized. These templates include inventory, customers, digital media, donations, expenses, files, issue tracking, to-do items, and time billing. Manage all parts of your business with this easy-to-use iPad app.

9. Sugar Sync (FREE)
Bring the cloud to your iPad with SugarSync. SugarSync allows users to access cloud-synced files, music, photos, and more from your computer. Easily open files on your iPad re-sync them back to the Cloud when you’re finished. The Cloud is the ideal backup center for all files and projects. Take advantage of its capabilities on your iPad with SugarSync.

10. Say it & Mail It Pro Recorder ($3.99)
Email a voice memo to yourself instantly, without using your keyboard once. This is ideal for brainstorming, taking notes, and ensuring that nothing ever goes forgotten. Email it to yourself instantly or to another contact in your address book. Say It & Mail It even records your location so you can remember where you were when you sent the message. Stay productive and up-to-date with this handy iPad app.

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