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Flying High with the Top 5 Cloud ERP Software Solutions

Flying High with the Top 5 Cloud ERP Software Solutions

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) consists of a broad set of capabilities that helps businesses manage various activities in their workflow, such as inventory management, finance, human resources, project management and even customer relationship management (CRM).

The recent trend in business software has been shifting heavily in favor of cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) based solutions and the same is true for ERP software as well. SaaS refers to the delivery method: the inclusion of support/updates from the vendor, while cloud simply refers how the data is stored/accessed. All SaaS solutions are cloud solutions, but not all cloud solutions are delivered via SaaS. Cloud solutions often have lower upfront costs: no installation, no server costs, and no IT costs. The subscription cost itself is also often cheaper than on-premise equivalents and because they use the SaaS model: maintenance, upgrades, and customer service are usually included within the subscription.

Additionally, cloud-based solutions offer better performance, scalability, and more accessibility – staff can access the system anywhere with an internet connection (which supports people who work remotely). Because cloud ERP requires no additional IT infrastructure/support and no additional hardware/software, its deployment speeds are much faster than their on-premise counterparts. Cloud ERP is the future of ERP solutions and more companies are making the switch every day. Below is a list of five great cloud ERP solutions that are at the forefront of the cloud movement in terms of the versatility and depth of their capabilities.

Netsuite ERP

netsuite-logo Netsuite is currently one of if not the largest ERP platforms both in terms of revenue and customer-base. Gartner has recently named Netsuite as the “Fastest Growing Financial Management Software Vendor Globally” and over 16,000 companies globally, rely on Netsuite for its day to day business operations. One of Netsuite’s biggest strengths is its versatility in the form of a highly customizable dashboard. It can be modified to fit any business needs in any industry. Netsuite’s capabilities include: inventory and warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, ecommerce, and CRM. It also helps companies grow by integrating seamlessly with all of Netsuite’s other hosted solutions, such as Netsuite OneWorld, SuiteCommerce, and SuiteAnalytics.

Plex Online

plex-logo Plex Online is an online ERP system directed at medium to large sized manufacturing companies. It can support various types of manufacturing, including: discrete, process, mixed, and made-to-order. It is an all-in-one solution that offers everything a business needs from accounting and financial management to human resources and product management. One of the great benefits of Plex Online is its scalability. With various pricing models that takes into account growth along with the capability to add an unlimited number of users, Plex can accommodate growth effortlessly. And because Plex is a cloud/online service, they take care of all the hosting and security along with ensuring that their software is always up to date. While Plex may be best known in the automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense, and electronics industries, Plex Online has such a wide range of features and capabilities that it can be successfully implemented in any business.

SAP Business ByDesign

sap-logo SAP Business ByDesign is an on-demand ERP solution that is geared towards growing small and mid-sized businesses. Business ByDesign offers a large collection of modules that can address all the needs of a growing company. They have modules for CRM, financial management, project management, supply chain management, human resources, and supplier relationship management. There are also mobile versions of the software which allows users to create and maintain sales orders, create leads, run analytics, send approvals, and more from the convenience of their smartphone. Business ByDesign offers small and medium businesses (SMEs) large scale business application without the need for IT infrastructure or a large upfront cost. It essentially gives smaller companies the benefit of enterprise level management solutions without the hassles and costs.

Epicor ERP

epicor-logo Epicor ERP is an integrated all-in-one ERP solution that is available for companies of all sizes. It automates and optimizes business operations by integrating all the data of manufacturing, distribution, production, and order management into one unified solution which increases profits and fosters growth. Epicor ERP is used by companies of all industries from manufacturing to retail, and even by hospital industries. It is designed to be flexible and scalable and aims to help companies grow by helping them meet the demands of the changing global economy. It also offers tools to improve upon customer responsiveness which creates better visibility for companies regarding their customer relations. Epicor ERP is built around service-oriented architecture (SOA), meaning that companies can buy just the modules that they need which can drastically cut software costs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

netsuite-logo Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP and financial/accounting solution aimed towards helping small to medium sized businesses that require a wide range of different functions. It is highly customizable and can be modified to fit businesses of any industry. Dynamics GP utilizes Microsoft’s .NET frameworks, which helps it deliver long term value by being easy to integrate and connect with independent software vendors. Dynamics GP offers diverse functionality which includes: operations management, financial management, HRM, manufacturing, supply chain management, business intelligence, and even IT management. Microsoft helps customers make better and smarter business decisions by providing better visibility into the workings of the company.

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