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Using CRM to Manage Your IT Help Desk

Using CRM to Manage Your IT Help Desk

You ask the questions, and our resident CRM guru shares her wisdom.

Q: “My company has an internal help desk that provides IT support to employees. Can a CRM system help make it more efficient?”

A: What CRM can do for customer-facing help desks, it can also do for internal support teams and related functions.

Like your customers, your employees need prompt attention when problems arise. This is particularly important when it comes to IT, since technology plays such a crucial role in worker productivity these days.

The features provided by a CRM/help desk automation solution – such as online job ticket opening, Web-based self-service, support for multi-channel communications, a comprehensive knowledge base, and dynamic status monitoring – can give your IT staff the tools it needs to ensure that employee issues are solved as accurately and efficiently as possible.

And, most importantly, there are plenty of studies that clearly demonstrate that companies who are well equipped to quickly resolve technical and non-technical employee problems are likely to experience higher morale, improved output, and lower turnover rates.

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