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Your iPhone Apps on Security Watch - MobileIron Releases iPhone 4G Security Software

MobileIron, a provider of multiple smart phone managing software, announced new features that improve the adoptability of iPhones in the workplace. The new application is first in line for providing a complete management solution for the iPhone 4G, iPod, iPad, and other iOS 4 systems. MobileIron allows IT personnel to maintain the security of iOS 4 devices while preserving end-user functionality.

MobileIron is a management solution for the increasing numbers of business apps used in companies. The management app is currently available alongside today’s release of iOS 4.

Says Bob Tinker, CEO of MobileIron: “The heart of the iPhone is apps. With over 200,000 apps in the App Store, developers have proven the power of the iPhone platform to deliver apps that matter.  With MobileIron for iOS 4, businesses can now take advantage of that same power to easily develop, secure, and publish their own in-house apps to their employees.  iOS 4 is a watershed release for the industry that will catalyze mobile application development and shift the battle for the mobile enterprise from email to apps.”

MobileIron features include:

Zero-touch security – IT can now update iPhone security and application configurations without any action from the end-user. Devices accessing the company network can be managed and kept in sync at all times.

Application discovery – In-house applications are made readily distributable between IT and the employees. IT can publish a catalog of the company’s apps independent of iTunes. Application access for each user can be controlled – specific apps can be delivered to different teams or projects. A record is also kept of the apps used on any iPhone, and access can be restricted for undesired applications.

Real-time cost control – An often unexpected cost to the company is international data roaming charges from apps. MobileIron allows IT to monitor whenever iPhones are in use outside of the country, and IT and the user are reminded of service plans and potential costs.

MobileIron features and dashboard on iPhone

This makes for rather invasive security measures on employee mobile devices. With widespread use of this management solution, company staff loses the freedom of their mobile applications if they are ever brought into the work setting. I suppose if you want to play Doodle Jump on your iPhone, you shouldn’t register it with the guys down at IT.

[Photo courtesy of mobileiron.]