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5 Key Tips to Ensure a Successful Webinar!

Web conferences, or webinars, are great ideas when needing to communicate to your team without the need of getting everyone in the same room.  The technology for webinars has improved greatly due to high speed internet and advances in video and audio over the internet.  The issue that many find with web conferencing is the ability to lose the people you are presenting to.  These are five key tips to help anyone planning a webinar that are sure to keep people interested!

1. Find a web conferencing provider that has everything that you need:

The worst thing that could happen is using an unstable web conferencing provider.  Having your room shut down, freeze, or disconnect will not keep people interested.  A good provider should:

-Be easy for you and your team to use.  If it’s too complicated people will not bother.

-Have the features that you need to be able to communicate with your team.

-Has a monthly pricing plan and not a per use pricing structure.  A fixed pricing point gives you the ability to practice or even follow up one-on-one without paying more.

2. Create an agenda that is interesting and interactive:

Keeping people engaged and interested is hard enough during face to face meetings, therefore creating an interesting and interactive agenda is essential.  Let people attending your webinar ask questions and engage in the conversation.  If there is a segment where you need to talk, inform your peers to post questions and comments as you speak.  Allowing people to post questions or comments allows you to gage their views and even bring up relevant topics.

3. Interact and engage:

Try to see how you can integrate all the members of your webinar into the presentation.  You could try to assign different people to speak about different topics.  This will keep people alert during the presentation.  Allowing others to collaborate in the web conference keeps everyone interested and focused.

4. Stick to your agenda:

Interacting can often lead to deviation from the main message.  Sticking to your agenda is a key component to an efficient webinar.  Interaction and engagement may lead to straying conversations.  Placing time slots in the topics of the agenda allows everyone attending to see the time limitations of their conversations.

5. Practice!

Finally, practice makes perfect.  Go into web conference “room” and make sure that everything is set up the way you want it.  Invite a co-worker into the webinar to see if everything works on their end.  Running through the agenda and checking the web conference room will allow you to catch mistakes beforehand.

Staying on top of your meeting before, during, and after will ensure that your web conference is a success!

[Photo courtesy of becomealocalleader.]