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5 CMMS Systems to Make Maintenance Management a Breeze

5 CMMS Systems to Make Maintenance Management a Breeze

Selecting the proper computerize maintenance management system (CMMS) can help your company save money, time, and resources on maintenance management. Systems that are SaaS and offer mobile service can provide a significant advantage for companies with multiple facilities, as they can easily keep disparate facilities on the same page. But CMMS implementation can be initially costly and time-consuming, especially because the systems usually must often be customized. Choosing the right software from the start can help keep your costs reasonable and help you get the most out of your CMMS from day one. Our biggest tip: make sure you take advantage of a provider’s offer of a free trial or in-depth product demo before you invest in a CMMS solution. We’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true industry favorites to help you find a quality maintenance management systems to streamline your facilities management process.

1. eMaint

eMaint has been a CMMS industry mainstay for over 25 years, so they have gotten their system down to a science. They offer excellent customer support, and set themselves apart from the competition by the sheer flexibility. Both SaaS and on-premise solutions are available, and can be customized to fit your needs and create a system that suits your company perfectly. With plans starting at $40/user, eMaint offers one of the most powerful yet affordable solutions available on the market.

2. Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection provides a variety of maintenance management solutions that can be customized and scaled to fit your needs well. They feature a variety of industry-specific solutions, which makes it easy to get the features you need to manage your assets efficiently. Another great perk: Maintenance Connection offers GIS integration, which is a huge asset for public works, utilities, and any other organization with dispersed linear assets. Both on-premise and SaaS options are available from Maintenance Connection.

3. MPulse

MPulse is all about scalability; they offer 4 levels of hosted solutions that scale up in features as you need them – Bronze is great for new users and small facilities that are just starting out, while Enterprise Platinum can handle even the largest and most complex of corporate needs. Whether you’re just getting started or are ready to jump into one of their more advanced solutions, MPulse can seamlessly integrate into the level of growth your business is currently at.  They do a great job of walking you through the process, providing daily support until you get used to your new system, and providing easily accessible live support thereafter. Their commitment to support shows; about 90% of their customers renew their contract every year.

4. Real Asset Management 

Where Maintenance Connection’s GIS integration makes it great for linear asset management, Real Asset Management puts its focus on fixed assets. Their product suite provides an end-to-end management solution for fixed asset management. RAM’s CMMS provides a great all-around asset management solution, equipped with a powerful asset register, mobile maintenance capabilities and flexible dashboards for tracking your assets and creating customized reports. They also have great technical support and product training to help get you off the ground and running.

5. Bigfoot CMMS

Bigfoot CMMS is an excellent option if you’re new to the maintenance management software world but still want a strong option. The company has focused on providing a user-friendly, affordable CMMS that is accessible for facility managers of all experience levels. But Bigfoot’s clean, easy to use interface certainly does not reflect a lack of features- Bigfoot is robust enough to support companies of all sizes. Another great feature is the availability of a mobile CMMS application, so you can take your software on the go. Although Bigfoot is a somewhat smaller company than some of its competitors, it has seen rapid growth in the last few years and looks to have a solid future.

Want more on CMMS? Find additional information, download our Top 10 CMMS report, which contains in-depth, side-by-side comparisons of the industry’s leading maintenance management software.

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