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Apple's iPad Has Some Major Competition... the Samsung Galaxy Tablet

It was recently leaked that the Samsung Group, a multinational electronics corporation, plans on releasing its own PC tablet very soon.  This tablet, entitled the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, is expected to give the iPad a lot of competition.  Spectators have even named the Galaxy Tab the “iPad killer”, which is not good news for Apple as Samsung may take away many potential iPad customers.

There will be many significant differences between the Galaxy Tablet and the Apple iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is expected to be 7-inches, according to leaked photographs, in comparison to the iPad, which is 10 inches.  It will run on Google’s Operating System- Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo.  The tablet will also have two cameras, as opposed to the iPad which has none.  The rear camera is intended for picture taking.  The rear camera will have 3.2 megapixels.  The front camera is intended to be used for video calls, which is ideal for many business users and may ultimately influence their decision to choose the Galaxy Tablet over the iPad.  Like the iPad, the Samsung tablet will support Wi-fi and 3G.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet also aims to resolve one of the iPad’s main problems.  While millions of iPad devices have been sold, there have been many complaints and concerns with the iPad’s text input abilities.  The lengthy QWERTY keyboard on the iPad does not suffice as it is still difficult to use.  Samsung will make typing easier with the use of Swype, created by T9, to retype misspelled or incorrect words.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Protoype

The iPad is ideal for reading books and browsing websites, with its 4:3 aspect ration screen and 1024×768 pixel resolution.  The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is primarily intended for video-watching, with its 16:10 aspect ration and widescreen aspect ration.

Samsung’s tablet is also suspected to have a microSD card slot, which will come with either 16 GB or 32 GB of memory.  The card slot will also allow users to upload pictures from their digital cameras.  The Galaxy tablet will also support Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet has many new and innovative features that are sure to give Apple’s iPad some major competition.  The Samsung Tablet aims to resolve many of the iPad’s problems, such as lack of camera, typing problems and video-watching abilities.  While its release has not been officially confirmed by Samsung, expect to see more of the Galaxy Tablet in the near future.

[Photo courtesy of innov8tiv.]