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Big Business and the iPad: A Love Story?

The ever so fabulous iPad is still charming users with its sleek design, user-friendly interface and life-altering apps. Maybe ‘life-altering’ is a bit extreme, but can you remember life before the App Store?

The iPad has proved a useful tool for many an Apple lover, but what about big business? For a while, Blackberry held the title of ‘Golden Child’ by businesses everywhere. However, Apple is fast taking over the business world. Businesses are giving the tablet a whirl, even using it in break rooms and boardrooms.

The iPad was built to appease the consumer masses, but the product has slowly penetrated the business world. The iPad is also IT Department friendly, which should help the magical tablet device gain acceptance in the business sphere

So is the iPad good for business?

Wall Street Journal Writer, Ben Worthen, wrote that “Apple has addressed these and other issues, including the ability for companies to encrypt information on iPhones and set up secure ways for employees to connect to corporate networks. The latest version of the operating system used by the iPhone and iPad adds features that make the devices easier for a tech department to manage, including the ability for businesses to distribute internally developed apps without going through the Apple’s App Store.”

‘What won’t Apple do’, should be their new slogan.

The iPad’s business appeal also resides in its ability to cover the major business necessities like email, messaging and web browsing. What other functions do most business owners need, anyway? The new apple operating system is also choc-filled with apps for pretty much everything, much like its predecessor the iPhone. Another bonus, compared to laptops, the iPad is an inexpensive alternative. In conclusion, big business and the iPad are a love-story in the making. Stay tuned.

[Photo courtesy of npengage.]