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Collective Intellect Digs through Social Data So You Don’t Have To

Collective Intellect Digs through Social Data So You Don’t Have To

Prospects and customers are active in a multitude of social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest…the list goes on. These social conversations contain a deep well of information and intelligence about consumer preferences, sentiment, and potential buying patterns. But how can businesses leverage unordered social intelligence into actionable results? Collective Intellect was built to address this issue by providing social intelligence solutions that are delivered via the Cloud.

Collective Intellect provides a complete suite of tools to help businesses monitor, understand, and respond to the conversations their customers are having in social networks. With this social intelligence, businesses can build better relationships with their customers and take the appropriate actions to provide relevant service and engagement opportunities.

Collective Intellect provides the following solutions:

  • CI-Insight – A text mining and analytics platform, CI-Insight is built with tools to conduct multi-dimensional, blended qualitative and quantitative, demographic and psychographic analyses—all in one integrated hub.
  • CI:View – A dynamic dashboard, CI:View provides a real-time, customizable, and automated view of the social activity taking place around your business or brand. CI:View tracks key performance indicators, sends alerts when trends or issues emerge and integrates social intelligence with traditional business data

    Social Customer Visualization

  • CI: Learn – A social media research and reporting solution, CI:Learn captures, analyzes, and measures the conversations taking place across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, message boards, and more. Reports are then created from this data, using both quantitative social media metrics and qualitative analyses.
  • CI:Tools – A complete suite of applications, CI:Tools includes: CI:Insight; CI: Data Feeds, which allow you to target specific streams within a social media platform; CI:View; and CI:Strategic and Data Analytics Professional Services, which provides a broad range of customized deliverables derived from social media research, enabling companies to gain insights from consumers’ social media conversations.

Collective Intellect is used by customers that include the Fortune 1000, as well as market research and public relations firms. These customers include leading brands such as Pepsi, NBC Universal, Siemens, and more.

What are some of the benefits of using a social intelligence tool like Collective Intellect? These benefits include the ability to respond to trending topics, measure market response to a new product, and effectively message to target customers, among others.

Collective Intellect was acquired by Oracle in June 2012. While a software and hardware juggernaut, Oracle was never built with social at its core and with its acquisition of Collective Intellect, as well as of Vitrue, a social marketing platform, one can’t help but wonder if Oracle is trying to play catch-up to avoid being left behind as social starts to take over in the enterprise space.

Interestingly, Oracle announced its decision to acquire Collective Intellect just days after announced its acquisition of Buddy Media, a social marketing suite designed for enterprises. Oracle and have always been competitors, and these recent acquisitions by both companies seem to be a social software arms race between these two titans.

Who will come out the winner? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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