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How to Sell Homes Faster With CRM Activity Plans

How to Sell Homes Faster With CRM Activity Plans

As a REALTOR®, it’s easy to become overwhelmed without the right tools and systems in place. You have a lot on the go, and even more to remember and keep track of. Many agents don’t realize that one of the key things a real estate CRM can do is help you stay organized and in control.

Using CRM Activity Plans

CRM Activity Plans are a particularly useful feature of most real estate CRMs as they will help you sell homes faster and provide a higher level of service to your clients.

A good CRM will come with a variety of Activity Plans, some to help you list homes and others to aid with the closing process. An Activity Plan is simply a list of activities, each with corresponding dates, that incorporates everything you need to do to be successful in the listing or closing processes. The CRM reminds you when key dates arise so you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

One of the great benefits of Activity Plans is that you are making 100 percent certain that you’re doing everything you can when listing a client’s home. The CRM tells you what you need to do, and when.

And of course, you can create your very own Activity Plans from scratch with a list of all the unique activities you do for your clients.

Using Activity Plans to Drive Greater Sales

So, how does a CRM in general, and Activity Plans, in particular, help you sell homes faster and better serve your clients? Perhaps you have a hunch by now.

When you never miss an appointment or commitment, are organized, proactive and ensure that you’re listing homes in the best, most efficient, and most comprehensive way possible, you’re able to spend more face-time with clients, helping them with their real estate needs or simply building the relationship. And of course, you’re maximizing the results you’re able to get for your clients when listing and eventually selling their home.

Some CRMs, such as IXACT Contact, can be pre-loaded with Activity Plans created by leaders in the industry. With IXACT Contact, for instance, plans can be loaded in from CRM as well as technology guru Gary David Hall and real estate trainer and author of “Sell with Soul,” Jennifer Allan Hagedorn.

So when it comes to everything from preparing real estate marketing material, to installing a lockbox, to taking pictures, to sending a market report, your real estate CRM will have you covered. You’ll be able to sell homes faster and provide your clients with an incredible, highly memorable service experience. Good luck!

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