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Information Builders Intros Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions

A specialized tool has been developed by Information Builders to help business analysts build applications for non-technical end users to create their own customized reports, dashboards and gadgets. With the push of a button, the new tool, InfoMini, allows business analysts to choose the information they receive from their business intelligence reporting solutions and allows them to make more informed decisions.

Information Builders is a global producer of business intelligence and enterprise integration software. The company has provided over 12,000 customers with innovative solutions for the past 30 years and is known for providing security, scalability and flexibility that is needed at every level of global enterprises.

The simplicity of Information Builders has been proven to help create executive, analytical and operational applications to reach anywhere from a handful to millions of users. This company gives their customers the ability to grow and innovate according to their needs.

The idea behind InfoMini is to allow business analysts to customize a report into any format an end user needs. It also allows the end user to change the data, filters, formats and more for their particular environment. Business analysts also have the ability to build and publish mini applications, such as gadgets, that directly connect to the business intelligence system.

Information Builders’ chief innovative officer shared in a statement that many of the features used with business intelligence tools are overloaded and not ideal for most businesses. He also noted that many businesses are looking for ways to cut to the chase with data and really only want the important information. InfoMini is reported to help non-technical users do a more efficient job by applying the right changes to their reporting, so that only the needed information appears.

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