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Invoicing Best Practices: Get Paid Fast with Foolproof Invoices

Invoicing Best Practices: Get Paid Fast with Foolproof Invoices


We get a lot of questions in our community about electronic invoicing software and practices. We’ve scoured the web for the best recommendations from around the web and consolidated them into this guide to help you learn how to properly invoice your customers, or if give you some tips if you’re just looking to spruce up your style.

Top Recommendations

  1. Focus on Clarity– Be detailed but concise in your itemization
  2. Keep Financial Expectations Clear – Make payment method, due date and penalties clear and easily visible
  3. Be prompt– deliver invoice or bill within 24 hours of chargeable event
  4. Stay Organized-  Standardize forms and tracking method (number, code, etc)
  5. Keep a Marketing Mindset– Make sure your documents are professional and include your logo and contact info
  6. Go Paperless – Consider switching to an e-invoicing solution to save time, money, paper


Resources for Building Better Invoicing Practices

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