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Software Innovations for Monitoring Plants and Equipment

Software Innovations for Monitoring Plants and Equipment

Technology is helping plants and the manufacturing business manage their projects and their facilities better, a resource that is vital in this era of technological advancement.

With competition increasing in the market, organizations have turned to monitoring software to take their business towards success.

Unmanned Power Plant Software

Controlling the operations of a power generation plant is no child’s play. There are numerous things to keep in check and a plethora of plant production functions that must be manned at all hours. It used to be important to always be present on the site, but with the new technological advancements, a few drastic changes have taken place in the industry.

A new ABB Operations and Maintenance (O&M) service tool can remotely link isolated and unmanned power generation sites to a control room that is manned by the skilled staff of ABB. The control room sees to all the operational needs of the site. The software provides the support needed to predict, prevent and correct any problems in the system. Highly efficient algorithms are used to forecast the energy production.

Who would have thought something like this was ever possible?

Plant and Equipment Monitoring

Plant monitoring on the go! AIFT from CIBIS Software provides the ease of plant and equipment monitoring right in a users hands. The tablet app not only simplifies equipment inspection and reporting, but it can also be operated in remote areas that don’t have any network. The field staff can easily access any back office data, in their area.

From part inspection to component details, the application is able to provide all the necessary information needed, all the while keeping up with the detailed plant monitoring.

Predictive Maintenance Technology

IBM has developed software solutions that aid predictive maintenance. With the help of these tools, it’s possible to predict any quality issues or asset failure that might arise in the near future.

The software assesses the pattern of an asset’s performance and based on this data, is successful in predicting whether they are at risk of failure or not. Through the predictive analytics of these solutions, a user can easily determine which processes are likely to fail and which asset poses the highest threat.

A great example of equipment monitoring system is Emerson’s Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Monitoring solutions, which ensures that the user is always aware of the condition of their plant’s air-cooled heat exchanger. Their automated online monitoring is a continuous process that not only oversees but also detects the full range of failure and malfunctions in the system.

Machine Monitoring in Manufacturing

Predator MDC is also a monitoring software that automatically collects all the real-time information and then uses it to improve the overall productivity. It provides metrics and KPIs that not only improves operations, but it also allows staff to make better decisions.

With Predator MDC, a user can easily get up to date knowledge about the manufacturing performance of their plant. And with just a few mouse clicks, access metrics and information about different departments in multiple plants.

The New Normal

The advances made in software over the last ten years have made it possible to monitor and maintain an increasing number of systems. We are familiar with the technology that enable us to work remotely, work from home and carry out financial transactions. These software services are now part of our daily lives.

And they are also apart of today’s industrial, plant and manufacturing landscape as the new normal for monitoring and managing the industrial and manufacturing industry.

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