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The Future of CRM Cloud Computing

The Future of CRM Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest trend in the technology world. Cloud computing’s increase in popularity has led some to think about its future in the customer relationship management (CRM) field. There is now a growing demand for CRM cloud computing solutions, and more vendors are jumping to satisfy this demand.

IDC, a research firm, recently reported that more companies are buying server hardware because of their increased interest in CRM cloud computing. It is estimated that server revenue for public cloud computing will grow from $582 million to $718 million in 2014 as a result. Businesses are increasingly moving their systems offsite, and they see CRM cloud computing solutions as the answer to this migration.

A research analyst with Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends, Katherine Broderick, commented on the issue. She said that many Internet technology administrators want to simplify their virtual and physical infrastructure with CRM cloud computing. Broderick explained that as companies grow and acquire more customer data, they need more data space to store all their information. For a growing company, data storage can be a real challenge. This is why CRM cloud computing, which offers an essentially unlimited data center, is becoming so important to these companies.

Of course, adopting cloud computing solutions is not as easy as it sounds. Broderick explains that companies worry about problems with integration, security, costs, and availability. For security and other reasons, IDC found that most companies prefer adopting private clouds as opposed to public ones for their CRM cloud computing initiatives. Public clouds are not as enterprise-focused, which is less appealing to those companies.

CRM cloud computing has a strong future ahead, for both enterprise and small businesses. Though there may be obstacles to implementing cloud solutions, businesses can enjoy the many benefits of CRM cloud computing if adopted correctly.

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