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The IT Department and Your CRM Project

The IT Department and Your CRM Project

The CRM Advisor

You ask the questions, and our resident CRM guru shares her wisdom.

This week’s question: “When should I get my IT department involved in my CRM project?”


A: Any CRM initiative is more likely to succeed when all key stakeholders are involved in the project from the very beginning. This includes not only managers and end users from functional departments, but IT support staff as well.

Along the way, many technology-related questions and issues will undoubtedly arise. For example, you’ll need to know whether the application you are considering is compatible with other systems in your enterprise, and determine how it will best plug into your existing infrastructure. And only those with technical expertise can provide the needed answers and insight.

By inviting them to participate in strategic planning and requirements definition, as well as solution evaluation and selection, you can ensure that your project is being considered from all aspects, and avoid headaches and problems that can delay deployment down the road.

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