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Top 10 Facebook Strategies for Increasing Engagement

One of the major takeaways from Dreamforce last week is that this year is the year of social. Social networking is not only driving the conversations that businesses have with their customers, but it’s also becoming a key component of many different kinds of business software. If social media is not integrated into your CRM or marketing automation, for example, then you’re missing a key opportunity to engage with users, customers, and clients.

To kick off a more in-depth look into social and how you can harness it to serve your business, we’ve created this handy infographic of the top 10 Facebook strategies that every business can use in order to increase fan engagement on Facebook. While these certainly aren’t the end all and be all of Facebook strategies, they’re definitely key concepts that many small businesses and enterprises alike either overlook or just aren’t aware of.


Learn more about social strategies in our social research page, or gain additional insight in current social trends in our social trends blog page.


Amanda Andonian

Top 10 Facebook Strategies for Increasing Engagement
Expert in Mobile, CMS, and Social Media
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