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The Top Recruiting Software Go Head to Head [Infographic]

The Top Recruiting Software Go Head to Head [Infographic]

No software thrives on word of mouth quite as much as recruiting software. Tools like Jobvite have a perpetual cycle: employees use Jobvite, therefore employers do and vice versa. Yet some companies without a designated human resources department may find Jobvite too complex or too costly. These employers often come across Workable, which satisfies quick deployment time, intuitive usability (so little-to-no training) and automatic mobile access.

Unlike solutions that are designed to fulfill a variety of business needs, recruiting software only fulfills one need: it scouts, records and sorts the best possible talent for your organization, ensuring that you fill your job positions with minimum cost and maximum gain. With this specific goal in mind, top recruiting software solutions are among the easiest to compare directly.

Watch top recruiting software players  Jobvite and Workable go head to head in this epic battle. Each of the three rounds are divided into each phase of the recruiting lifecycle: career sites, applicant tracking and recruiting management. See which tool is invaluable to you. Then get to automating and improving your own business hiring processes.
Top Recruiting Software Go Head to Head Infographic

Want to compare all of the leading recruiting software solutions? Check out our free downloadable software guide to review pricing information, deployment options and key features of the Top Recruiting Software platforms. You can also peruse all of our catalogued recruiting tools in the Product Directory for a more comprehensive picture of the industry.

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