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4 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Emails Read

4 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Emails Read

Use Follow-Up Emails

There are a variety of reasons why businesses get low response rates on emails intended for first customer contact. Some of the reasons that prospects usually have are a) they’re drowned with other stuff to do, b) they’ve forgotten about it, c) they don’t have the money to make the purchase at the moment, d) they’re in the mood to procrastinate that time, and e) they need more information to decide about your offer. These timely reasons by customers aren’t really your fault and can be given a second chance opportunity by sending follow-up emails.

Give a Guarantee

If you want better engagement in your emails, one of the most important things you can do is to give them a guarantee for an action they are called to take. Let’s say you’re going to guarantee that their site traffic from organic search will increase by using your service. Add statement that you will refund their money if your service doesn’t deliver on its promise. I’d like to think of guarantees as no-risk assurances.

People would opt-in more knowing that there are benefits your product can give without putting them on the losing end if things didn’t turn out as expected. Don’t just hustle with them like “Go buy our product now! No refund policy,” which introduces a thinking that if your product doesn’t work, it was your customer’s fault in taking the risk to pay for it anyway. Always give your customers a fair deal like “our product is meant to do this. If it doesn’t, then we are responsible for it and here are the measures we will take on your behalf.” The motto here is this: sales is more about people and less about products.

Place Links in The Right Context

Don’t just place links prematurely anywhere in your email and hope that your readers will probably stumble upon it and click it out of interest. Guide them towards your links.

Tell a story. Build them up on some premise that will eventually encourage them to click when they finally arrive at that link. For me, this works by giving them hints on what’s about to come but in a vague manner. Remember how a TV series makes you eager to watch the next episode? Your email is the current episode, the link is the next episode.

Revise Your Messaging Based on What Already Works

Experimentation should be used to determine part/s of your email that are getting better conversion rates, and afterwards to revise the rest of the messaging based on the previously successful bits. These are content that delivers higher click-throughs and responses more than your other email variations.

For example, if you’re getting better click-through rates by placing a link to a laundry service after talking about stress coming from dirty clothes, then you can refocus to this one goal (a click-through) by removing other parts of your email that aren’t related to the topic of stress coming from piled up dirty clothes. Ruthlessly iterate on this method and you should be able to optimize your conversion rates over time.

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