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The No-Cost Office, Part 4: 5 Free CRM Solutions You'll Actually Want to Use

The No-Cost Office, Part 4: 5 Free CRM Solutions You’ll Actually Want to Use

Welcome to The No-Cost Office, a exclusive series on how to build your business’ software suite for free. Every week we’ll tackle a new software segment and compare the best available free solutions to help you build up your arsenal of business tools without breaking the bank.

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Finding Your Free CRM Software

What can be said about Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) that hasn’t already been said? CRM, the tool for keeping track of sales leads and existing clients has been at the forefront of many of the trends that have swept business software from cloud hosting to mobile app extensions to open source. Salesforce, one of the breakout success stories in the industry, cut its teeth providing on-demand CRM before branching out. It’s an indispensable resource for any sales or marketing team and because of that free CRM is a very appealing prospect for any small sales-oriented organization.

There’s more than a fair share of free CRM solutions to go around, but the great amount of selection belies the fact that feature sets can vary wildly with a lot of the homework having to be done by the prospective user. With that in mind we’re sharing five free CRM systems, who they’re good for and why we love them.


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