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Best CRM for Higher Education


What is the best CRM for use in college/university systems across campuses, programs, modalities for lead capture and conversion?

asked by Debra J.  –  January 9, 2014

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2 Answers


May I know why lead capture and conversion is the key criteria for sch's systems? To acquire students?
I've seen one upcoming (should be waiting for investors, i supposed) that *please don't quote after me* "sales is the by-product from it"

You can go & google for "freecrm" opensource if your requirements are easy &straightforward. =)

answered by Belle A.  –  January 15, 2015

I would like to recommend bpm’online CRM ( With an easy to use interface and intuitive flow that affords for fast adaptation this solution is definitely worth considering. Add to it out-of-the-box processes that enable organizations to jump start using the system and bring industry best practices to the work from day one - and you’ve got a system that requires no training whatsoever. However, if you need help, you can always refer to the bpm’online community that offers answers to many FAQ.
The system is easily customizable thanks to visual process designer and can be tuned it to answer specific needs of the education institution.
Check the capabilities and get a hands-on experience with no strings attached at:

answered by Olivia M.  –  August 21, 2015

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