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ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk Software is a feature-rich issue tracking software that enables online businesses to track all customer issues, requests, and bugs, and offer timely responses to customers through child tickets which allow users to collaborate and track internal subtasks, and when customers raise issues or make requests, agents can easily track them and get input from other agents and teams. The platform tracks customer issues so that teams know who is working on what, identifies solution delays, and helps users to be sure they miss customer tickets by utilizing filters to sort by labels, priorities, assignees, milestones, and status.

Seedup Deskun

Deskun is help desk and task management software that works within Gmail to provide users with a ticket system designed to ehance Gmail and the G Suite interface. The platform is customizable to match company needs and workflows, and allows users to utilize folders and queues to organize customer requests and to separate requests by subject, sender or other filters.

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is remote desktop software that provides IT teams with access to workstations, servers, and laptops over a LAN and via the internet. The platform allows users to view remote PC screens, control mouse and keyboards on remotely accessed computers, and assist users by sending keystrokes and transferring files.

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is an online live chat software that allows businesses to offer instant support to their customers and engage with their website visitors. The platform enables support teams to resolve issues faster, provide quick answers to queries about products and services, and assure customers that they are around anytime they need support.


Helpsumo is online helpdesk software that assists users in providing customer support via ticket systems, email, social media and live chat. The platform also provides a knowledge cataloging tool that identifies and saves user queries in order to build a customer self-help portal.

JitBit Helpdesk

JitBit Helpdesk is helpdesk software equipped with a support ticket system, and allows users to view messages, attachments, team logs and activity feed within a single interface. The platform tracks support tickets, integrates with existing mailbox systems, and displays all current tickets and related information in sortable and filterable grid view.

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– Bornevia

Bornevia is help desk software that unifies customer conversations across multiple channels including email, Facebook and Twitter and allows users to centralize all help tickets, requests and service tracking into a single hub. The platform allows users to assist clients via multi-channel customer support team help desk features and live chat widgets.


devContact is a help desk platform designed for mobile applications that provides built-in support to application users. The platform allows for efficient customer service through features such as in-app messaging, real-time conversations and notifications. Application users can also submit screenshots with their service ticket to help support agents easily diagnose issues.

– BrightBox Solutions Help Desk Premier

Help Desk Premier is a help desk solution that employs workflows to help users manage all incoming customer requests. The program logs each new incoming ticket and offers tools to keep all staff members and customers informed of ticket statuses and updates.