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Robert Cecchi

Marketing Intern

Nov 3, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
Swipe Right for These 6 Features of Web Content Management

For many business owners out there, tackling the challenge of creating a website that accomplishes all of the aforementioned demands is tantamount to their own Mission: Impossible, due to the intense technical knowledge required to successfully pull off such an endeavor. Luckily, there’s a better option than going it solo: web content management software.

Aug 25, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
Top Features of Intelligent Business Process Management

Taking the time to understand how and why we get where we’re going can often be more important to our overall development than focusing solely on the end goal. It’s about the journey, not the destination. For businesses, it’s similarly important to pay close attention to the processes that lead to your success, and the pathways your customers take to facilitate that success.

Aug 11, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Best Business Intelligence Solutions

If your organization lacks the ability to make knowledgeable decisions based on concrete analytics, a well-implemented business intelligence solution might just be a no-brainer. Once you’ve decided a business intelligence solution is the right fit, it’s time to narrow your choices. As always, is here to help.

Jun 21, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
When You Need Sales Enablement Software

Knowing the right time and situation to execute a sales enablement solution can end up meaning the difference between a success or failure for your business.

May 31, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
Enterprise Content Management Trends in 2015

Listen -- do you hear that noise? Yes friends, that distant rumbling is the sound of oncoming change in the exciting world of enterprise content management. Below, we’ve compiled an overview of the ECM industry’s next evolutionary steps, so that you can select the right solution for your company.

May 17, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Key Features of Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are the future. For most, a mobile strategy will undoubtedly be crucial for companies who don’t wish to be left behind. Below, we've compiled the key features of mobile device management in order to give business owners a better idea of what to look for when choosing a solution for their business.

May 6, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
Knowledge Management 101

Knowledge management software turns the nightmare of managing your business’s information into an enjoyable, productive experience for your company. We’ve compiled a knowledge management 101 guide to take you through the basics of knowledge management software and its key features.

Apr 26, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
GPS Fleet Tracking vs Fleet Maintenance Software

Since GPS fleet tracking and fleet maintenance software both address the needs of fleet operators, it can be confusing to determine which one is most suitable for your business. At, we’ve done all the dissecting for you to provide a comprehensive comparison of the two separate yet similar competitors. So, without further ado, let’s dive in to compare GPS fleet tracking vs fleet maintenance software!

Apr 12, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Top Features of Endpoint Security Solutions

Security breaches can result in devastating setbacks for your company. The solution: endpoint security management. Before buying, be sure to look for these top features of endpoint security systems to keep your company, its information and its customers safe.

Mar 31, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Top 5 VoIP Service Providers for Businesses

For businesses ready to cut the cord with traditional phone lines, VoIP solutions offer enticingly affordable alternatives to the status quo. Requiring little more than internet-compatible phones, VoIP can offer all of the expected features of your regular phone line and more, all at a cheaper price.

Mar 22, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Best Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit organization goes out of its way to help others, but who’s there to help you? We discuss the best fundraising tools for nonprofits to use.

Mar 10, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
SFA vs CRM Software: How Do the Two Platforms Match Up?

The time has come to make a decision: sales force automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM). See how the two match up in this head-to-head of SFA vs CRM.

Mar 1, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Best Finance Apps to Improve Your 2016 Tax Season

Need help managing your finances? Yes, there’s an app for that too. A more easily manageable financial life for your business is just a few downloads away. Check out some of the best finance apps available to improve your 2016 tax season.

Feb 22, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Top Business Tax Filing Solutions

There are only three things certain in life: death, taxes and tax filing software. Make the complicated process of filing your tax return simpler.

Feb 15, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
How to Choose an Enterprise Data Backup Solution

Before getting too far ahead of yourself, your business should confirm a few fundamentals to help focus and narrow your search for that backup solution your company needs.

Feb 1, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
What Is Field Service Management Software?

Managing the day-to-day field operations of your business strategy can be a daunting task without the proper field service management tools. Here we ask (and answer!), what is field service management?

Jan 19, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The 4 Top Cloud Hosting Platforms

While we don't have flying cars or hoverboards as retro imaginings predicted would happen by 2015, businesses today can still experience the magical taste of technological innovation through modern cloud hosting software. These platforms eliminate the need for on-site infrastructure, and remove the hassles of maintenance and management that come with traditional IT strategies by hosting technical operations remotely.

Jan 4, 2015
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
The Top 10 Business Apps for 2015

Business-Software has gazed into our crystal ball to give you a list of the top business apps you’ll need to make 2015 as big of a success as possible.

Nov 23, 2014
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
Must-Have Features of Ecommerce Software

Businesses on the prowl for ecommerce software should be keeping an eye out for the best features that will yield a strong and long-lasting partnership.

Nov 10, 2014
Robert Cecchi wrote this post:
5 Vendors Who Put the "Social" in Social Engagement Software

Socially driven solutions enable you to connect more directly with customers, keep up to date with important contacts and provide deep analytics for your most motivated employees. Read on to learn about 5 vendors who are putting the "social" in social engagement tools.

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