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A player bets out of turn


So I’m played late @ night and the game is 3 handed, me, a PLO player, and another guy. Game is a 1/3 converted into 2/5 so the stacks are short.

PLO guy raises the button
I just call w/ AKo in the sb
BB Calls

Flop QJ5r
I check and it checks around

Turn is a J putting a flush draw on board
I decide it’s a good spot to steal and bet. Button calls

River J bricking the flush draw
I’m thinking and leaning towards checking, because I’m not sure he’s gonna fold his 88 or w/e now. Before I can make my decision he bets big out of turn.

I’m thinking that strong = weak most of the time, that a J wouldn’t try to scare me off like that by betting out of turn and a Q would’ve bet the flop. So I’m thinking I was had.

What are your guys’ experience with bets out of turn?
please help.

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asked by james r.  –  June 30, 2017
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