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Are all EMR systems scalable…


Are all EMR systems scalable to eventually include billing, coding, practice management options such as prescriptions, patient accessible pages for appointment schedule reminders, instructions, etc,?

asked by Stephen D.  –  July 24, 2013

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I would say that most EMR systems are scalable in the sense that companies that provide EMR software also provide practice management/billing solutions as well. So in that sense they are scalable even if they aren't included by default with the EMR system.

For example, Health Fusion's MediTouch EHR is a robust solution that offers prescriptions, patient scheduling, lab results, pharmacy mapping, and more. But they offer billing, revenue management, patient registration, etc in a separate but integratable package called Practice Management. Kareo has a similar structure in which you can purchase different levels of subscriptions that either include only EHR or some combination of EHR, practice management, and billing services.

answered by Chris Chang  –  July 25, 2013

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