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What is the average price of an ERP for Colleges and Universities?


What is the average price of an ERP for Colleges and Universities?

asked by Carrie%20Franz M.  –  October 15, 2013

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I've been doing ERP for 20 years and I'm not sure how well the typical Oracle, SAP or Microsoft product would fit a university. Probably would fit just fine in Accounting, Purchasing and Projects. Pricing would be a bit difficult since you would need to identify what types of users would be doing what types of functions. SAP Business ByDesign which we handle at is priced monthly and there are 5 different types of users. Ranging from people who just access the system to record time, enter expense reports, update their address, and purchase items on the store for about $10/mo to others who use the entire system for $200/mo.

answered by Daniel R.  –  November 8, 2013

I think it's hard to provide "an average price" as the size/complexity of the institution is a key driver.

When it comes to higher ed, ERP sometimes takes on a definition that goes beyond industry ERP functionality. By that I mean some folk in higher ed use ERP to also mean "student information system" (SIS) which deals more with the processes to recruit, admit, enroll, award financial aid, manage student billing/AR, track degree progress and graduate students. This sector has a handful of players, some of whom are also ERP providers (e.g. Oracle, Ellucian, SAP) and specialist players (Campus Management, Jenzabar). Small schools may use other smaller packages too.

At the same time, schools also need to pay bills and track financials, which is where the conventional ERP modules come into play-GL, PO/AP, Treasury, Inventory (for supplies), Fixed Assets/Maintenance, Budgeting and Reporting etc. Depending on size, you can go from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, to Sage, Netsuite etc.

A key challenge for many ERP systems is whether their GL structure can support the complex account tracking needs of universities, especially with fund accounting and tracking.

My experience is that schools with 15,000-25,000 students could spend anywhere from $1mm to $3mm on SIS software licenses, plus anywhere from 3x to 6x that in implementation, data conversion and training fees. The back office ERP costs (if a separate vendor from SIS) could range from $250k to $1mm plus, and fees for that implementation could range from 3x to 6x again.

answered by Len G.  –  January 10, 2014

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