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What is the best Accounting system for European company


What is the best Accounting system for European company

asked by Fatema R.  –  October 8, 2013

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2 Answers


Hi, Faterna. For most European companies - especially small busineses - I'd say the best accounting software is Billy's Billing ( I'm biased, of course, because I work for them! But here are the facts: It's been available for several years now; users are very enthusiastic about what the software can do, and the service they've received. You can read their reviews - un-edited - right on the company website.

A major difference between Billy's Billing and its competitors is that it was developed for use by small business owners who are NOT accountants. It's made to be EASY to understand and use. It makes it simple to stay right on top of your business numbers, so you can make smart decisions.

Check it out - it might just be the perfect fit for your company.

Good luck to you!


answered by Russ W.  –  November 14, 2013

I suggest you quickbooks accounting software for your company and business. you can check sage and xero accounting software and choose for your requirement....
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answered by Barack Obama  –  July 28, 2016

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