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Best CRM for car dealers

asked by Victor T.  –  May 1, 2015

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4 Answers


Check it out Pluss Corporation at their software has helped out dealerships such as Mitsubishi

answered by Drew I.  –  July 20, 2015

Hi Victor,
I would recommend bpm’online sales ( - a process-driven solution that allows users to easily design processes or employ out-of-the-box best process processes developed to take care of the sales operations in 24 verticals including auto industry. From lead management to sales forecasting, pipeline monitoring, multichannel communications, analytics, case management, knowledge database among the features and mobile apps, the system is robust and scalable to help you grow your business and grow with you.

Check the capabilities and get a hands-on experience with obligation-free test-drive via

answered by Olivia M.  –  August 21, 2015

Hi Victor,
Here are some good CRMs used by Car Dealers -
- Easi'R - - Denmark based with customers in the U.S. - nice UI/UX
- One Eighty Corp -
- DealerMine - - integrated LeadSift in their platform
- - fastest growing Consulting/Software firm in Detriot

Sanjeev Arora

answered by Sanjeev Arora  –  January 5, 2016

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