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Best ERP for Higher Education


What is the best ERP system for higher education institutions like universities?

asked by Abiodun O.  –  June 10, 2012

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2 Answers


UNIT4 provides an ERP solution built specifically for higher education called Agresso Education. It includes the usual ERP features like financial management, human resources, reporting, etc. along with features specifically designed for universities, like registrar and student records.

answered by Darlene Lin  –  June 11, 2012

Some of the larger institutions run on SAP and Oracle (Northern Arizona University, U. of Basel, U. of Warwick all run SAP). Others run PeopleSoft, SunGard Higher Education, or UNIT4/Agresso. Then there's Jenzabar and Datatel, but I've come across others too. When you say "best," that's really dependent on your requirements. For starters, consider the cost, the architecture (cloud vs on-premise, for instance), and functionality. If you would provide some more detail, maybe I can help more.

answered by Nathan R.  –  June 11, 2012

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