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Best software for Outlook + biz cards + LinkedIn + FB


Want to:
1. scan cards with potential visual of card in system
2. CRM
3. create Email lists
4. create email newsletter
5. access on all devices (computer, iphone, ipad)
6. synthesize contacts from all platforms
7. file detailed email info in Outlook

asked by jo c.  –  March 25, 2013

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2 Answers


While there might not be a single interface though which all of the requested tasks can be accomplished, you can easily set up systems to enable syncing between these programs. LinkedIn's CardMunch app allows you to take a picture of a business card and have that person automatically added as a LinkedIn contact which can then be synced with your CRM. Likewise, you can change settings in Outlook to sync contacts with your CRM. Here is an example of how to sync between Outlook and Salesforce. Once all of your contacts have been imported in your CRM, you can create an email campaign and send a mass mailing.

answered by Michael Tauscher  –  March 27, 2013

Hi Jo,
A good example is BPMonline CRM with new engaging interface.

BPMonline synchs with Outlook as it has an ad-hoc Outlook Connector for seamless Outlook integration,it also integrates with different social networks - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and any other data sources.

What is more, with new engaging interface the system is as simple as your favorite social network.

Test-drive BPMonline CRM at or request live demo:

answered by Sophie B.  –  April 2, 2014

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