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Cloud ERP for Nutriceutical Manufacturing


What are some good Cloud ERP choices for nutriceutical (including pharmicalogical) manufacturing for a 100 person (currently, approx. 25 users) company?  Are there restrictions, or limitations, for Cloud ERP within a manufacturing environment that uses pharmaceuticals Рmanufactured elsewhere, but controlled nonetheless Рin their processes?  Answer/opinions about any of the above most welcome.

asked by David W.  –  October 29, 2012

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Hi David,

If I'm understanding your question correctly, I think that primary limitations on your manufacturing processes with regards to a cloud ERP system would have the most to do with the nature of SaaS solutions in general. For example, inaccessibility if the servers go down, high costs in the long run, and vendor lock-in.

Of course, if your processes are very customized/particular, it might be difficult to find a cloud solution that meets all of your needs.

answered by Amanda Andonian  –  November 1, 2012

I'm not sure if a multi-tenant package like SAP Business ByDesign or Netsuite would pass any FDA validation requirements since you would not have control of the software and the whole environment is being shared with others. As well as new releases being done on schedule. I've implemented Oracle in many biotech companies but the whole environment was on site so that wasn't an issue. One approach would be to keep doing the items required for validation on paper or however you are doing it now. If its already a validated process then keep it that way and implement the ERP system without it infringing on the control of those areas.

answered by Daniel R.  –  April 12, 2013

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