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We are looking for a customizable CRM that will let us do the following:
-Upload database ability
-create email and subsection of database
-design our own design filters
-add new filters
-Tag record clients
-mail merge
-Seamlessly integrate with wordpress enquiry website
-send out subsequent emails
-send out freebies
-time released advertising campaigns

asked by Peter W.  –  February 15, 2013

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Greetings from Corelynx!!

We are an all American Product Development (PD) company based in Silicon Valley, CA ( additional offices in India) with experience in product / software development, Customer Relationship Management Customization, Cloud based products development and has been associated with one of the best names in the industry / fortune 500 companies and non-profits for all their software development needs.

Request you to look into our corporate brochure for more information on platforms and expertise - and please check the web applications which we developed -

Also, please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to work together.

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Thanks and Regards,

answered by Anonymous  –  February 18, 2013

Saleswah CRM,( ) does the following; per your requirements, as above:
- Upload database: we can upload an excel spreadsheet of contacts (also creating and de-duping the accounts- companies in the process)
- create email: yes, using our in-built html editor
- subsection of database: there is a query builder to select the folks in your database that you wish to mail to
- "design our own design filters"- I do not understand this, perhaps you could explain further?
- "add new filters" - I do not understand this
- "Tag record clients" - I do not understand this
- Mail merge: yes
- Seamlessly integrate with wordpress enquiry database- can build this
- Send out subsequent emails- yes
- send out freebies -??
- time released advertising campaigns- ??

If you wish to have a dialog, please drop me a mail at anindya AT saleswah DOT com

Disclosure: I am the founder of Saleswah CRM

answered by Anindya Chatterjee  –  February 19, 2013

Hi Peter!
Take a look at BPMonline CRM. As many other CRM applications it can handle Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts, Campaigns and Reporting and more. Using this software you are free to choose between built-in mass mail tools and MailChimp integration. In the first case you will get extra features, such as attaching files or setting a campaign on pause. In the second case you can utilize the power of all the analytic tools of MailChimp.

Test-drive BPMonline CRM at or request live demo:

answered by Sophie B.  –  April 2, 2014

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