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CRM for Life Coach With Appointment Reminders


I need a CRM for my counseling/life coaching business that can securely hold all my client information. Something that could also send an automated appointment reminder text message to clients would be great.

asked by Paul D.  –  June 19, 2012

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Hi Paul,  Have you checked out Infusionsoft?   They have a complete system with automation links and client reminders both by email and text messages.

answered by Anonymous  –  June 23, 2012

I think InfusionSoft is really expensive, isn't it?  And how steep is the learning curve?

answered by Laura B.  –  June 25, 2012


cost for most software systems depends on the needs of the company and what
options are selected – for the type of CRM that works well for coaching it
helps to identify -

- If you want to have an email autoresponder

- If you need a shopping cart and ecommerce solution

- If you need sales monitoring

- If you need affiliate programs and monitoring

- Do you want your accounting system to integrate to the solution

- Do you want your outside marketing activities to integrate to the

- Do you want your product delivery system to integrate to the solution


you only need one or two of these - you probably don't need a full CRM system
like Infusionsoft.  I can recommend others and you can contact me through
the link below if you want to chat about some other options.


you considering the costs and learning curves it may help to consider the full
company solution and how many products they are currently using to make all of
the pieces fit together - as each piece has its own monthly cost and learning curve
– and adds a level of complexity to bring the information together in a usable


my experience when someone is looking for a CRM system they are at the stage of
wanting to put these all into ONE SYSTEM to manage and coordinate activities
with less human resources – WHILE accommodating the expected growth from that


is it expensive – that depends on what was implemented and how well it is used
to fully replace all of the systems that it can?


the learning curve steep – compared to the multiple other systems that it would
take to replace it?  Possibly – but the
newest release is simpler - and if you were trying to learn all those other
systems at once that would be more  difficult than learning each
separately also.


hope some of this helps and I would be happy to discuss any of these with you
in detail if you need more information. 
You can book time with me by clicking
on this link, or you can see an Infusionsoft general product demo by clicking here.  – Full Disclosure - I am an affiliate of
Infusionsoft and this is an affiliate link.


answered by Anonymous  –  June 25, 2012

Hi Paul,

We recently launched a new product called ScheduleHopper ( which we built specifically for coaches. From talking to many coaches, I kept hearing “we just want something simple & integrated” and most of the offerings out there are too complicated. So that’s what we tried to do with ScheduleHopper. The basic plan is “free forever” and the most expensive plan right now is just $10/month. I’d love for you to take a look and let me know your thoughts. Feel free to mail me if you have any questions.

answered by Tina C.  –  October 22, 2014

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